Monday, February 7, 2011

Maldita's Porque (Chagalog version)

I just wanna share Maldita's Porque (Chagalog version). Chagalog is mix of Chavano and Tagalog. You can download it here: Maldita Porque (Chagalog version)

The first time I heard this song in Love Radio (90.7) FM station, I find it really interesting and cool. I just felt the meaning and emotions of this song eventhough I don't even understand what they are saying. Needs to check the translation first. LOL! But hey, they had a wonderful voice~~! Good job MALDITA! I'm looking forward to their FULL tagalog version. Heard they will released it soon.

Anyway, here's their MV of PORQUE. A full Chavano version one... as of now, they don't have the chagalog version mv, so yeah. xD

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